Seven Girls, Ten Islands

One Of the best trips i've ever had. 

For My best friend Reo's 18th, We decided to partner up with my friends at @LePirateBeachClub and have a girls boat trip of a lifetime.

@LePirateBeachclub is a hotel branch of hotels in Nusa Ceningan (an island off Bali where my family owns a weekend home) , and other Islands including Flores, where they have also a boat cruise that we lived on for 3 days and 2 nights, island hopping through the magical, islands of Flores, also called Komodo Island. We Spent all day swimming in crystal clear waters, with sea creatures ranging from Sea Turtles, to sharks, to manta rays! My boyfriend was away for 5 weeks, at the time this trip was happening so it was soo good to have catch up time with my girls and spend 3 days straight on untouched islands. 

As you may or may not know, I grew up in Bali, a small island in Indonesia. My parents moved to Bali in 1981, and growing up looking at my mom's photo's on the deserted, beautiful beaches Bali used to have, it was always a dream of mine to one day have an opportunity like her to visit landscapes of such perfection. Bali now a days is very developed. Its actually crazy how much it has changed in 35 years, so checking this goal of my list was such a pleasure to me. And I will cherish the moments i spent with my girlfriends for life. I everyday am so grateful for the life I am given and will always keep searching for places like these. WILD, and UNTOUCHED.