Our Clients

Past & Present Clients

Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, TN; TVA Chattanooga, TN; Birmingham Water Works and Sewer Board; BE&K construction; Auburn University; Russell Corporation; Time Warner Cable (Bright House) - Birmingham; Chevron Corporation: Pascagoula, MS, and Concord, CA.; Bruno's Inc., Corporate Office-Birmingham AL.; Mobile Water and Sewer Board, Mobile, AL.; Mobile Gas Service Company, Mobile, AL.; Diversified Executive Systems, Inc.; Honda Alabama; New Rising Star Community Support Corporation (2010 – 2014), Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce and many other companies and small businesses.

Our Company Values:

Christian and Spiritual values towards all we meet and to our clients

  • Our practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles

  • Our being boldness implies we are willing to get things done despite risks

  • Our fairness and straightforwardness to conduct business fairly

  • We are defined by our assured reliance, character, ability, strength, and our truth

  • We will take responsibility for your own actions, for our decisions, and our behaviors

  • We will exemplify an affective commitment to customers providing a quality product and/or service in a timely manner

  • We will always express the quality of being humble and thankful to those who mirrors our humility

  • Strengthening our bond with our clients is especially important to us. We work hard to gain the respect and trust our clients, while inspiring a better work environment

  • We will assist and motivate people to act towards achieving a common goal.

  • Quality – Teamwork and Simplicity are some of the hallmarks of Eddie Hill Consulting Group, LLC