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How to improve your ROI, increase qualified website Traffic, improve site usability, increase brand awareness and reduce marketing costs for your website (in 10 minutes) WITHOUT breaking the bank on an EXPENSIVE SEO AGENCY

This strategy works even if you HATE search engine optimization or
never want to know anything about SEO!!!!!


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Did you know: the first five organic results account for 67.60% of click in Google (that including paid ads)!!!!

Problem Now here is the problem you face, as a business owner’s you probably don’t have the time to learn and implement SEO strategies.

Which means if you made the time, something else in your business will be affected


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Lucky for you there is now an easy solution.


Let me introduce you to our done for you SEO solution that will improve your website ranking within the first month

  • SEO services help you get qualified website traffic. What that means is that the people that find you through searches are looking for your service or product so the probability they are ready to buy is a lot higher.
  • SEO is cost effective for the fact that the strategy puts you in front of customers that are ready to buy and are looking for the services and products you are optimized for
  • UX friendlier site means users passing through your website will be able to digest the information a lot easier which means they will stay longer which reduces your bounce rates and increases your page views.
  • An increase in page views means more traffic of qualified customers who are looking for your products or services which can lead to more sales
  • Optimized websites load faster, are easier to read ad surf and display properly in almost all types of devices. This is more likely to hold the attention from your readers often than not and turn your visitors into return visitors, customers and subscribers
  • Build brand awareness as your site continues to rank higher on your favorite search engines which mean that the more people see your page on the first page the likely hood their level of trust for your brand will improve which will increase the likelihood for them to click through to your website or offer.
  • Bypass your competition and grow quicker than other websites that are not optimized as you will continue to rank higher than you competition increasing your chances with every click.
  • SEO analytics allow you to make monitor your visitors and their behaviors which enables you as a business owner to make better and more informed business decisions around your online marketing strategies.

Credibility Statement

Albert here, I have been at this for a while and know what we are talking about. We have been trialing, testing and tweaking in this space for more than a decade.

Our guarantee to you:
Guaranteed results within the first month!!!

Not only do we guarantee results within the first month, but if you have to spend more than 10 minutes, or spend time working on SEO related activities or missing an appointment because SEO was an issue,

if your not ready to take your business to the next level we don’t want your money. We will give it all back, no questions asked and no hard feelings.


Sum up and give price

  • This is 6 months web optimization package
  • This is a ‘Done for you’ solution
  • This will include competitor analysis
  • The service will include on-page SEO
  • Off-page promotions
  • Reporting and support
  • Regular scheduled consultation
  • Regular price for this is $1479 but right now it is $799

Bonuses and pot sweetner

  • Web site bug fixes (value $79)
  • Image size reduction (49)
  • Social media management basic package ($249)
  • Small business consultation ($149)
  • Optimize your site for voice search (499)
  • Article writing software (149)

Once again What you will get if you order today

  • This will include competitor analysis
  • The service will include on-page SEO
  • Off-page promotions
  • Reporting and support
  • Rank better than your competitions
  • Increase of qualified leads
  • Increase in your ROI
  • Increase in your brand awareness
  • Increase in your customer experience
  • Increase in websites performance
  • Monthly report
  • Ongoing consultation (bonus)
  • Website bug fixes (bonus)
  • Image size reduction (49)
  • SMM branded facebook basic package (20 posts)
  • Total value: ($12999)

Packaged Offer

  • P.S. this packaged offer will sell for $1479 per month. The introductory price offer of $799 per month is a “buy now before its gone” offer, so act fact.
  • p.p.p Lets be blunt if you pass on this offer you might have an SEO strategy or not. You know what they say about the definition of insanity.
  • You will continue to wonder on how to get SEO done, keep asking how other businesses are doing it without missing a step. The answer is to take action, get the offer and get things on the way. its all about incremental progress.