Pet CPR and First Aid. You can learn how to save your pet's life with cpr and first aid skills training. Help your dog and cat!

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Do you know how to do cpr on your dog or cat? Learn pet safety skills including cpr, first aid and choking techniques in Florida. Out pets love us unconditionally, we owe it to them to educate ourselves in all aspects of their care. Our class offers peace of mind for dog, cat and puppy lovers and care givers including trainers, kennel staff, pet retailers, pet sitters, veterinarian staff, animal shelter staff, pet rescue employees and dog groomers. Learn how to effectively perform cpr and first aid skills in a classroom setting.

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We have been teaching human cpr, aed, bls, first aid and emergency courses for over 18 years. After hundreds of people asked us just not how to save their child or spouse, but how to save their pet, we finally started fun and educational classes for pet owners as well. Come to us or we travel to you for both human and pet cpr and first aid certification training classes. Learn first aid skills, choking, what to do for bleeding, heat related illnesses, poisoning and more for people, dogs, cats and puppies. SIGN UP FOR PET CPR AND FIRST AID CLASSES HERE
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