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The 95+ Face Mask will NOT offer sufficient protection if used for medical or surgical use.

Protection class face masks are made for environments in which harmful and mutagenic particles can be found in the air we breathe. Respirator masks of this class provide a barrier to at least 94 % of particles measuring larger than 0.3mm and may be used in environments where hazardous substances exceed the OEL by up to a maximum of tenfold concentration.

95 Plus Face Mask Model 9511


95 plus masks use professional melt-blown maaterial with satic electret techology to trap air poullution particles at efficiencies.

Product Description

95+ Face Mask is a fashion focused pollution mask that comes in a large range of designs and 1 sizes to fit comfortably for adults.

The masks use a triple-layer filter which protects the wearer from an extensive range of airborne contaminants. This multi layered filter system means the 95+ Mask performs better and lasts longer than other masks on the market.

The made out of layers of professional Spunbond, Meltblown and Static Electret Material.



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