Pray For Us by Maxime Iko


Release Spotlight

BPitch welcomes Italian acid duo Boston 168 back to the fold as the label’s 2020 campaign continues. The pair produced the ‘909 Therapy’ EP and the back in 2019 after their successful ‚Drops In Heaven’ debut on BPitch, so it’s a pleasure to have them return with ‘Vax Of Love’, a three-track continuation of their ex- periments with industrial sounds […]

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Auraa T-Shirt. Black with coloured print on the back and green Ellen Allien Logo on the front. Design by Erased Memories Material: 100% Heavy Cotton + C02 neutral Colour: Black Print: Colour Style: Fits true to size Model is 183cm and wears an M.


Artist Spotlight

Boston 168

Along a surface, within the empty silence of an abandoned setting, the factory noises still echo: in the beginning was the production line, then the working class of the consumer society, lastly machines and robotics as workforce. So in those factory cities, in Michigan as in UK and in the Italian motown Turin, the industrial plants have been occupied by